Cinema 4D Quick tip – optimizing geometry with Melt

I opened my model and noticed there´s a lot of unnecessary geometry that
needs to be optimized. I modeled a mech model for challenge and there´s
no limit of polygon amount when you do a model just for rendering purpose.
However if you want to use the same model with same geometry in game engine
like Unity then geometry the model needs to be cleaned up and polygon amount needs to be reduced.

Polygons anyone?

Tip: How to get rid of too many polygons?

There´s many ways and you can try with less subdivisions
or use polygon reduction tool.
This depends also of your geometry but if you use box modeling
with too many edges as I did because it did not matter in
rendered model.
For example the bottom middle part (the mechs ass) has
too many vertical edges. So I wanted to start cleaning
up because this was the most obvious detail to start with.
In this case Melt function is best and fastest
way to clean up your mesh.

What is melt?

Melt is a polygon modeling tool that melts edges.
For example this mech has way too much polygons to be used
as a game model so for example the bottom part of mech
has way too many vertical cuts.

1. select edges with loop selection (shift to add more edges).


2. Convert selection. Now let´s convert edge selection to points.
This is important step because you have to be able to delete the points after
Melt function.


3. Now go back to edge mode and select melt.
You will notice the edges are gone but your points are still hanging out there without any purpose.



4. Go back to points mode and just delete the points. Now you have much less geometry.


I hope this helps in your modeling workflow in Cinema 4D. Thanks :-)

Use haters to develop your 3d skills

Use haters to develop your 3d skills

Just some time ago I received this:

Take this as criticism and not as an inslut as i mean no harm:Theres no need to spend 2 years in school to learn something as basic as this, ive seen tons of 15 year old video game editors make far greater projects in a few days just by knowledge they have picked up on the internet in a couple months. Personally i dont even find any interest in 3D animation yet ive made greater looking work in C4D. Hopefully you modelled everything yourself but you lack a lot of work on the overall environment and shading as well as textures. Keyframes are rather bad and this is not worthy of a top university, this is just some basic youtube level play around stuff. Hopefully you have learned to do something better than this in that school, otherwise you have wasted a lot of cash and time my friend.Hopefully you take what i say in a positive manner and use it for ideas on how to improve and rethink your work instead of being upset.It can only get better from this point and best of luck in your career.

Some thoughts:
Internet has changed education a lot and it means that all the latest information
is available instantly. Only 10 years ago when I was studying there was still no
youtube but mostly 3d books and manuals. It is true that nowadays even a 10 years old kid
might have more knowledge in 3d than a grown up dad of 40 years old. Era of social media
has also added more pace to developing your art skills and demoreel in order to compete
with other 3d artists in the Internet world class series. The nature itself of 3d industry has
become more and more a global playground but after all it has always been
that but nowadays with networking, forums and video tutorials out there are
online 24/7 so anyone even a 15-year old art student can improve his/hers 3d skills
in any given moment in any place over the world.

Using ready 3d content is the key to fast workflow
Some of my models are not my own like cars because modeling a car
has never been really my cup of tea. Shading and lighting is my interest
with good car models. However I have modeled quite a lot of hard surfaces
in couple of years and taken part into Cinema 4D challenges. In that
sense it might be possible but the car modeling is not my area
of expertise at all. Using ready 3d models from free 3d libraries or similar is the key to fast workflow. If you lack of modeling skills and get negative feedback of your car models then why bother on modeling a 3d car when you can get one for free or buy it? Just smack the textures on the model and do a nice lighting setup and hit render and you won´t miss your deadline.
Check out this link for free Cinema 4D Car models

How to use haters?

It does not matter if you are not perfect just keep doing
what you are best at. Opinions are only opinions and it
can be even someones dog barking in the Internet.

My advice is: Have the courage and self discipline!
Never stop believing in yourself and always keep on
doing what you love no matter what. There is no excuses for being lazy
and to stop developing your skills in some area be it modeling or texturing.
There will be always improvement in some of the areas. If you try
to be perfect it will eventually only destroy you.
If you try to be a generalist then it is the hardest path
because you might end at not being good at anything and only
mediocre in all. You have to focus on something be it
modeling, shading, lighting etc. Also focus on your
favorite genre be it architectural visualisation, cars,
product visualisation etc.

Advice 2: Avoid negative feedback but accept some criticism and constructive feedback

Advice 3: Avoid cynical and negative people who do not support you

Some of my work that are noticed in Cinema 4D community.

This work was given a honorable mention in c4dcafe challenge

This work was given a honorable mention in c4dcafe challenge

This work was given a honorable mention in c4dcafe challenge

3D Export – A Great site for 3d Models

3D Export is a new website which is dedicated to selling high quality 3d models.
I just visited this new site which has some great quality of 3D car models.
The site has over 53000 good quality models and other content with many categories.
All 3d models are very easy to find from the top menu.
You can browse items by selecting the main category and then
a sub category from drop down menu.

3D Cars

There is for example a great amount of 3d car models to choose
from. The quality and platform choice is very good and
everything can be found easily with search and keywords.
I made more specific search for sports cars and I
received a huge selection of almost 3000 sports cars.
Cars are very useful for 3d artists because the artists
who model cars are usually specialized in them and for
a 3d animator like me it is a huge time saver when
you can have a good set of realistic car models available.


Car part models and other content

There is also good bunch of car parts like wheels, car logos and
other parts like wipers.


You can also find textures, game dev, HDRI maps for
rendering and also some free 3d models.

Selling your content

If you are a 3d modeling artist you can sell your content on 3D Export
and receive royalties from your sales. So if you are artist specialized
in car modeling then look no further.


Free Skull Model – obj and quick tip for cinema 4d dynamics

I just found this free realistic and anatomically correct skull model.
Here´s a quick render with Cinema 4D and Vrayforc4d.

Cinema 4D collision test
I made the skulls to drop onto floor with dynamics and
the dynamics setup has got another object as a collider for the skull because it´s just
too highres to be calculated as a collision object. The polygon amount is almost 750 thousand
(749998) polygons in skull object.

Dynamics shape
Basically you need to make only a rough boundary polygon shape for the skull model in order to get a decent
collision for dynamics simulation. Perhaps you need to have to scale the project size into 10 because the skull
model is very tiny.

Here´s the collision shape


Skull highres polygon amount


Download the free skull model

Mech challenge winners announced


Congratulations to all winners!
I took a part in Mech modelling challenge. I did not win but
at least I got an honorable mention with my contribution.
It was a fun challenge and I learned some more of
surface modeling skills.
I am quite happy with my complete solid and realistic looking mech model.
There´s also a 360-degree turntable animation which I made later on after the challenge.
I will post it later on my youtube channel.


Read more at c4dcafe forums