Miku Miku Dance test with Cinema 4D and MMD 2.1 plugin

A test animation with Cinema 4D r13 and MMD 2.1 tool.
The music is a short clip I made with Renoise tracker.

What is MMD ?

MMD by short is a Miku Miku Dance.
Miku Miku Dance also known as MMD (http://www.geocities.jp/higuchuu4/index_e.htm) is an intuitive free Japanese free 3d animation software (also available in English).
Due to it’s increased popularity, there is a wide variety of anime/manga-like characters which are shared freely by the users in PMD format. and in 2.0 version you can load motion data (vmd files) .
These characters can be imported in Cinema 4D using the MMD Tool, while preserving their rig, uv maps, textures and others.

Copyright notice:
The models of the Vocaloid mascot series provided with the software are subject to Crypton Future Media’s copyright agreement and are not allowed to be used without permission for commercial reasons
For other copyright information, please refer to each character’s documentation.


My “automatic character animation” setup in Cinema 4D

In Cinema 4D I just simply put some vibrate expression tags to characters
controllers. With vibrate tag it´s possible to control rotation and movement
with a regular pulse. After I made the character to move I located a looping
point from timeline where the character movement is in the same position
in the end as it is in the beginning.