Meltinglight (reloaded again) c4d tutorials moved into Drive


I had to free up some space and moved Meltinglight c4d tut files
into one zip. C4d tutorials are made by ex-Cinema 4D user Chris Hollins
and he has given the copyright to me to share the files in public domain .

So it´s a huge 3.7Gb archive.
I have no time to manage website so you can download all files at once
as an archive. You can find old Cinema 4D tutorial files from version 9 to 10.


Corona renderer Alpha for Cinema 4D

Corona renderer Alpha is a new free
rendering plugin for Cinema 4D until
1st of july 2015. You can
use free version also for commercial projects
during alpha stage.
The quality is close to vrayforc4d
but the render settings has less tweaking
options which is actually good because
you will save lot of time. Almost only
thing you have to take care is to create
Corona materials and lights from plugins
menu. Corona material is located in
shaders menu and default Cinema 4D “mat”
is not compatible with the Corona renderer.


Download here

Construct GTC Teaser

Scifi writer Asimov believed that, ideally, humans would also follow the Laws

I have my answer ready whenever someone asks me if I think that my Three Laws of Robotics will actually be used to govern the behavior of robots, once they become versatile and flexible enough to able to choose among different courses of behavior.

My answer is, “Yes, the Three Laws are the only way in which rational human beings can deal with robots—or with anything else.”

—But when I say that, I always remember (sadly) that human beings are not always rational.

First Law of Robotics:
1. A robot may not harm a human being.

In this video the two robots do not seem to act in rational way.

Construct GTC Teaser from Kevin Margo on Vimeo.