Create a dynamic building asset with Xpresso by Aleksey Voznesenski

I noticed this good tutorial on my long list of Cinema 4D bookmarks
and thought it would be quite useful.
Basically it´s an automatised 3d skyscraper and city modeler inside Cinema 4D.
It´s made with Xpresso and you can easily add more floors to your buildings
and modify building height etc. So it´s good asset to have if you want to
make a city from the scratch by using your own set of house and building models.

View tutorial

Animidi 1.0 plugin – Animate MIDI songs with Cinema 4D

This is a nice new plugin for animating MIDI music data in Cinema 4D. I tested
the demo and it´s a limited version of the full plugin.
This plugin helps you to automate the animating process of any object with MIDI data inside Cinema 4D.
You can bake the MIDI data including notes and velocity into your objects. Basic function changes just the green color
inside a null object that contains a set of objects and the objects acts as keys in a virtual keyboard inside Cinema 4D.
You can also change the Position,Scale and Rotation parameters.

All functionality can be also expanded into Xpresso scripting and other tools inside Cinema 4D.
You might want to use it also with Mograph cloner and effectors and it works
with Xpresso nodes. You just drag the plugin icon inside Xpresso editor and then you just connect it
with all the Mograph functionality and Thinking particles stuff!

Demo comes with 3 demo songs but you are able to find thousands of free MIDI songs in the
Internet or you can compose your own songs with external DAW.
The plugin has been made with Cinema 4D Python so it´s not located in common plugins menu but
in Python plugins menu. You are able to customize the layout so that the plugin is visible in Cinema 4D startup layout.

The options are bit limited in demo and you should know already how things work
inside Cinema 4D in order to make decent animations. There´s some youtube video tutorials for basic functions with Cinema 4D
but there´s no very good english manuals included because the plugin developer is not english. However you can get
the plugin basics work with youtube tutorials.

I think it´s raw and limited plugin but it will help you to import all necessary MIDI track data including notes and velocities
for your animations and it will give you a lot of fun. For 20 euros it´s cheap.

Read Animidi 1.0 review at c4dcafe

Second Life Sculpt map tutorial for Cinema 4D

Check out my latest quick tutorial. You don´t have to make those
shaders from the scratch because you can download the scenefile
from downloads. Anyway if you are struggling with sculpt map making
and have Cinema 4D then look no further.

Go to the tutorial page

I have tested the same file in Cinema 4D Release 12 today. It seems to work just fine so you are able to bake sculptmaps with bake texture tag as usual. :-)

Free Chris Smith CStools for Cinema 4D

From AE Freemart “Chris Smith, one of Toolfarm Expert Forums Experts. Chris made some free tools for Cinema 4D called CSTools.”

There are some useful and free movie camera tools / xpresso setups for Cinema 4D.
Really useful for movie style camera drives with crane style cameras, chase
cameras etc. Really worth checking out.

Best Archicad to Cinema 4D export plugin ? – open source

I stumbled upon to this open source plugin page. The bridge between Archicad and Cinema 4D was discontinued after rel 11 which was kind of a result from some compability issues. I believe Maxon will update this but meanwhile one can seek some good alternative and free file transfer bridge for Archicad to Cinema 4D.
Minimum version of Archicad you will need is 12 and Cinema 4D r 10.5.

Employed by Micro Aided Design – Cinema 4D reselling discontinues

News – 1st of Feb. 2010

Starting from 2nd of february 2010 I will be employed by Micro Aided Design, distributor of Cinema 4D in Finland.
Therefore all reselling of Maxon Cinema 4D products through my company Kraphik 3D will be discontinued.
All previous Cinema 4D customer contacts will be transferred to M.A.D. where I will be working with Cinema 4D sales, teaching and customer support.

Kimmo Rinta-Pollari

Yo dawg I herd yo like Cinema 4D so…

Couple of years back I was a big fan of Pimp my Ride tv series. Of course I still am but nowadays much more a fan of 3d graphics and Cinema 4D. I found the site called which had full of jokes from the original “Sup Dawg”. I got this funny idea. For a non 3d artist it might sound terrible but I find it very funny as I am a 3d geek.

The image was also published to their site here:

I understand it´s not funny for non 3d inclined. Some people do not understand geek humor enough to understand the joke. 😀 Yo 3d

TopMod3D and Cinema 4D + 25 free 3d modeling programs link

I found this very useful list of 25 free 3d modeling programs.
Actually I was googling for the TopMod3D which I had
previously installed on my old pc. Now I have a laptop
which has got no TopMod3D installed yet.
It´s very easy to make complex
high genus 2-manifold geometry with it and with this tool you
can create artistic solid (watertight) mesh forms for 3d printing
and prototype models.

I have had so much fun with it and
created a basic yet a complex shape which I then exported
into Cinema 4D and added hypernurbs and with some further
subdivision modeling on the inner parts. And of course added the
sphere inside.

Here´s some tests made with TopMod3D and Cinema 4D.