Cinema 4D and Wacom

If you want to install wacom and use it with Cinema 4D
please see these videos.
With PC it is very frustrating but I think with Mac
it is just plug and play. I have experienced both
A. This is working just great! MAC OSX
B. Where the fuck is the driver? WTF???!!! Give me a break. PC Windows 7

So most importantly if you get a nag screen “Wacom driver not found” on
PC just type services on search and you find services where you can
start wacom service. It propably does not start automatically if you
have just installed it. The service is needed to be running in order to
fine tune the wacom tablet preferences.

After you have managed to get the settings right go to Cinema 4D
preferences and find input devices and checkmark “Graphics tablet”.
Some functions might not work properly such as perspective
navigation if you have not this option set to on.


Fixing Wacom Drivers on PC

Good info around 2 minutes MAC OSX

Michele Learns Cinema 4D: Episode 2 from Toolfarm on Vimeo.

New models added – Cinema 4D models page subscription


I added new models to Cinema 4D models page.
The model page has been free with google advertisements but with advertising has not worked
for free models so for any new downloads I ask a small fee of 10 euros to pay special
Access membership for all Cinema 4D models. The subscription fee is
only one time payment and is billed only one time. This will cover webhosting payments
of this blog. So any new downloads or memberships who want to download are now paying
one time fee of 10 euros. Thank you.

Canister (r12-r14)

Vodka bottle (r16)

Adobe buys Mixamo

Adobe writes in their blog:
“3D tools have come a long way in the past few years, but are still generally inaccessible to most designers due to the great expense and extensive training required to learn the complicated techniques. However, using 3D in 2D workflows adds flexibility to the design work you’re already doing and delivers better output options for interactive websites, game content, video and 3D printing.”

Mixamo is successful online tool for creating character animations by using intuitive character setup
system. You are able to make your own character alive without having too much time with setting up.
I have found this as a very good tool. I have managed to get jobs in the industry by using the tool
and still using it for some quick character animations.
Big company Adobe has bought Mixamo few days ago. I have noticed this only today when I logged in
to Mixamo´s website and saw well known Adobe logo on their website.

Let´s hope there will be good and affordable motions for 3d-artists. To my delight I saw that there
is many free motion capture files to use with my characters. You are able to use Mixamo by exporting
your character from Cinema 4D in FBX format and then uploading to Mixamo character tool.
Setting up is relatively fast and easy. You just have to setup markers on the character.
The machine intelligence in Auto-Rigger will work on binding process and creating the character with bones.
Then you can put different animations and see how your character will move.
You can see also the bones without mesh if you want to.

Read the story/

Absolut vodka bottle model for Cinema 4D – high resolution model for 20 euros

Absolut vodka bottle model for Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D r15-16. (request for older)
Bottle model renders are directly from Cinema 4D R16 without any post production.


wireframe on subdivision level 1

First commercial Cinema 4D model by Kraphik 3D.
Absolut vodka bottle model for Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D r15-16.
High resolution model with Cinema 4D splines and hypernurbs
and subdivision level can be freely adjusted.

Includes 2 light setups and texturing for light and dark scene.

Includes bitmaps of 1000px x 1000 px.

Price: 20 euros

Buy here