Blender for Cinema 4D artists

Good Blender for Cinema 4D artists tutorials from Helge Maus a Maxon trainer who started with Cinema 4D and who later got into Blender as well.
pixeltrain – 3D & VFX Trainings channel videos are not very easy to spot because the amount of videos is totally
overwhelming because there are tutorial videos from last ten years.
So I picked these two videos that are from Cinema 4D artists point of view
who come into Blender. There are much shortcut keys in Blender.

C4D Tutorial – How To Make Pipe Hole Modeling. Perhaps not properly.

I got a hint for this tutorial from cgsociety. It is 500% faster than modeling the same shape in previous Maya tutorial.
Of course Mutti´s tutorial has different approach because he teaches why and what is done when modeling. So it cannot
be compared to this Cinema 4D tutorial. However the geometry is quite bad when you don´t add enough polygons and try to cheat and make a quick
model without considering the proper end result. Sometimes this is ok if you don´t need to make close up shots and have the object far away from the camera.

How to be a successful 3d-artist?

Successful 3d-artist?
(Published earlier in 2016. This is a republished article.)

Update: Make 3D Everyday and publish it into social media.
Be like Beeple (crap) and make millions of dollars.

It requires persistence, dedication and lot of hard work.
You should market yourself with business cards.
This is more personal way than spamming e-mails about
your services. E-mails are not personal they are cold. This is why you need to
meet people in real life. Do not go to interviews they are just waste
of time and your money. Instead just make quick visits to advertising
agencies and drop your card and resume. They will remember you better
if you personally visit them. Anyone can delete your e-mails or just
erase spam. E-mails are not reality they are usually waste of their time.

One day someone may send you e-mail because you dropped your
business card to someone and then this person suggested your services to a
graphic designer who started making an interior design catalogue.
There was a urgent need for great looking interior 3d-visualisations too.
This is where you are already successful when new clients find you
so you don´t have to search them!

Money – Do not sell yourself too cheap

Do not expect to earn thousands a month when you are starting. You can earn
few hundreds in the beginning but at least it´s your money after the taxes
or course. Another thing is that do not sell yourself cheap. If you are just
starting out you might have to sell project cheaper than more experienced
artists. Just remember it´s not professional to sell yourself too cheap.
Set an hourly price – for example 70 euros per hour.
Customer can instantly see that´s a professional price not a hobbyist and
will also treat you as a professional when you know your value.


If your client does not pay it´s useful to give a notification of unpaid
bill. Perhaps they just did not remember to pay because of hurry at workplace.
There might be this type of client that is not even willing to pay.
From personal experience I work only with people who I can trust in and
not doing work for people with credit issues or just plain
I have made one project for a client that never paid me anything and
that´s a lesson learned enough. There are also gold diggers who will
offer you free hobby projects with “exposure” but are not able to pay.
That´s bullshit and they are just using your time and resources.


Always have a professional attitude.
Show that you work hard for them.
It will show that you´re taking care of them.

No free lunches

You might run into people who want to take advantage of you and not pay
for projects. A good idea is to make background check for new clients.

There is also a type of customer project for a 3d-modeler artists
where project starts with modeling 3d-models for free and is given
promises of future payments.
If you are inexperienced artist then this is a good opportunity but
if you have to pay student loans for your Bachelor of Arts degree
then I will not suggest this type of project for you.
You probably will not ever see the money and you will die in hunger.

Speed = your hardware

Invest into hardware. It will instantly pay back you the panic and your nerves.
That´s not very useful for you and your customer to wait final rendering for next
25 hours on your laptop. On the other hand you can render at night but it´s not
that long at all if you have to deliver image on the next day.

I suggest you to invest into some workstation that has a good graphics card,
lots of ram and many cpu cores. Workstation should be dedicated to 3d-work
or gaming. These type of hardware will get the job done and you will keep in deadline.

Always optimize workflow. Do not use highest render settings if they are not needed
for the same output. Customer cannot tell the difference only you.

Advertising your skills

There are many websites out there where you can advertise your skills with your


If you have a commission that is starting
it´s very important that you focus your energy to that. You may be watching your bids on
ebay when you should be collecting and searching material for your project. Close facebook
and put your smartphone away.

Cinema 4D model downloads

All models are CC BY-NC-ND: This license allows reusers to copy and distribute the material in any medium or format in unadapted form only, for noncommercial purposes only, and only so long as attribution is given to the creator.

Scifi pack 1

includes: mech, space marine and bot models.

Scifi Pack 1 download